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Exercise in Song Permutations by groups of 9, 10, 11 and 12 letters

Waytogoho showmethe me!
Diwanttog i’mtiredan otobed.
Edrinkabou ihadalittl tanhourago
Righttomyh andit’sgone ead.

Reiroam nomatterwhe,
Eaorfoam overlandors,
Shearmesingi youwillalway ngthissong:
Togohome showmetheway!

Exercise in Song Apocope

I’m dreadful tire an nee a res!
Appreci th direct you’v giv me.
I should hav ha Glenfidd on an emp stom, I thin,
As I’m beginn to fee quea.

Wherev I’m like to wand,
There no locat tha I’m fond
Of tha tha hous tha I’m forev sing ab,
Th prec rout to which I pond.

Exercise in Song Dog Latin

Demonstra mihi iter
Ad domum, ut possim dormire.
Vastabam parvum scyphum ante hora; Malus
Incipio sentire!

Ad quodcunque eam
(Littum, pelagum, terram)
Audietis semper canturiens:
Quomodo, ad patriam?

Exercise in Song Double-entry

Show me home; direct me there.
I'm tired and I want to go to bed.
I had a drink before and supped some time ago:
It confused and fogged my head.

No matter where I roam,
And no matter where I roam,
You will hear my voice and notice my song:
Show me there; direct me home.

Exercise in Song Polyptotes

I haven’t yet drunk my fill
Of drinking till I start feeling ill.
Still, every drinker ought to have somewhere called home:
Will I drink to that? I will.

I drank up foreign lands,
Crossing drunken seas, hot sands.
Yet my drunkenness repeats its refrain:
Give it the drinks it demands!