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Exercise in Song Negatives

Don't show me how to get lost
Or stuffed; rather, how to get me home.
I want neither a little drink, nor to be drunk;
Rather, time in bed, alone.

I walk neither on strand
Nor on sea; rather, on land.
And you'll neither rate nor critique my song;
Rather, you'll just understand.

Exercise in Song Synchisis

Show to me how home to go:
Tired limbs, tired head, with skin green, eyes red.
I had a little drink; it had a larger effect:
Booze with once filled, now with dread!

Where I go, there I find
What is laid down I don't mind
Yet you will hear this; I shall call it out:
"Lost, am I? Oh, I'm resigned."

Exercise in Song Exclamations

Oh! Look! I want to go home!
How shattered I feel! I need a rest!
Or ha! perhaps a drink! My word! And look! it's gone!
Blow me! I'm not at my best!

It simply cannot be!
I spy land! and foam! and sea!
Hey! A song! Let's sing one! Sing it again!
"Home! I must get there! Show me!"

Exercise in Song You know

Show me the way, you know, home.
I'm tired and, you know: I want my bed.
I had, you know, a little drink before, you know,
And it went to my, y'know, head.

No matter where, you know,
I might, you know, like, go,
You will always hear me singing, you know,
Show me, you know, to, you know.

Exercise in Song Prosthesis

Shown Mae then ways toe got homed!
Him tiered band in qwant ton glo tho berd.
Bi hard at littler drinsk gabout can hoiur agon
Land sits grone bright tog may heard.

Not smatter whoe’re if Goa,
Rover lean’d cor seat or foams,
Your Weill aleways heart Mae slinging Thais’ smong:
Shows Mae: thee sway too gob homes!