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Exercise in Song Sonnet

Though I still exercise myself with such
Heartfelt requests for you to guide me home,
They only serve to tell you just how much
I treasure my soft bed, some time alone.
The social animal will oft retreat
Into his cave; so likewise I would fain
Cease travelling, and thus protect my feet;
Cease revelling, and thus protect my brain.
But neither can I do; rather, condemned
To walk o’er land, and sea, and foam betimes,
I seek my only solace in each friend
I meet and entertain with meagre rhymes.
To recap: show me home, is what I mean;
And what once took eight lines now spans fourteen.

Exercise in Song Hesitation

Show me, uh, I don't know. Home?
I want my - my chair? my desk? my cot?
Did I just eat drink? It was so long ago
That I'm not sure. Maybe not.

I might have walked upon -
Land? sea? foam? All those, or none.
But I'm saying... shouting? singing, I think
Something about - no, it's gone.

Exercise in Song Hellenisms

Athalamy has me asthenized:
I microoinotrophed, apoperihaplora,
And was then cephaleptized.

When aphroionic-
Etignosticate my musical ode:
Make me oikonobatic!

Exercise in Song Noble

So vast is my perdition
That wakefulness cannot it contain;
And though I drown my sorrows in a sea of hurt,
That but serves to vex my brain.

Though I’ve seen on this earth
Shady vales, proud seas, rich surf:
All my thankless toil has impressed on me
What gentle homesteads are worth.

Exercise in Song Philosophic

Is my home real or ideal;
And can you deduce that from my dreams?
If man's a social construct, a man in a bar
Must be superman, it seems.

We intuit pure space
To distinguish place from place,
Yet from where I stand I cannot reach home
(Zeno can prove that's the case.)