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Exercise in Song Interjections

Oh! Hi! You—hey! Could you? Hm?
I just—ya-a-awn—I, oh! Tchah. Huh.
Well! Would I? Yeah! Cheers! G-g-g! Ahh! Oh. Hang on.
I don’t—ow. Ow! Oof! Ng. Ugh.

Look! There! and there! and there!
Oh! My word! It’s—yes! Land ho!
La-la-la! (Phew.) La-la! (Gasp.) Tum-ti-tum!
Ah! Yes! Hooray! O ho ho!

Exercise in Song Modern style

Let’s go to my Hoxton pad
That cost me a good six hundred K.
I bought it with Andrea; then she left me, bitch.
But I kept the flat, so hey!

Let’s crack open the wine!
Do some E’s, maybe a line;
Then we’ll play some tunes till, like, 5am....
Come on, lads! All back to mine!

Exercise in Song Biased

Not only is my trek long,
It’s tiring, confusing and a pain.
The drink I had in lieu of bed has given me
Such a headache: yet again.

The boring things I’ve seen
(Some were blue; some white; some green)
Can’t make up for asking how to get home:
Oh, I just can’t stand a scene!

Exercise in Song Back slang/Pig Latin

Owshay emay omewards-hay!
I'myay iredtay andyay earyway.
Iyay ankdray itequay omesay imetay agoyay,
Andyay eelfay awfulyay!

Ereverwhay Iyay
Appenhay otay ogay,
Ouyay illway earhay emay ingsay,

Exercise in Song Ignorance

Show me the way? All right: where?
You tell me I’m tired and that it’s late,
And that I’ve been out drinking but I can’t be sure,
As I’m just not thinking straight.

You ask me where I’ve been
But I can’t say what I’ve seen.
Will I sing some song I don’t really know?
Well, if you hum it I’m keen!