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Exercise in Song Portrait

Show me my notebook and pen
And let me sit down and hum a rhyme.
I'll celebrate with half a glass of something red
When I get to ninety-nine.

I stare into thin air,
At the curtains, books and chair;
Then I stop and quickly write something down:
Maybe I'm getting somewhere.

Exercise in Song Permutations by groups of 5, 6, 7 and 8 letters

Ethew showm ohome aytog!
Edand i’mtir togot iwant obed.
Ittled ihadal outanh rinkab ourago
Goneri andit’s myhead ghtto.

Rwherei nomatte roam,
Dorseao overlan rfoam,
Lwayshea youwilla ngthisso rmesingi ng:
Ewaytogo showmeth home!

Exercise in Song Botanical

I'm pollinated abroad,
My seeds in an ericaceous bed.
A sudden downpour's given all my leaves a shock
Like I've just been dead-headed.

My fruit might start to swell
By a flood plain, coast or dell;
But I'm evergreen in my native clime:
There shall my cuttings strike well.

Exercise in Song Syncope

Could yelp me ofind mway home?
I wanget intbed cause feelowsy.
I subted wigd grace ta singalcdrink wellver hourgo
Andended upther queasy.

T'llbe same wherver am,
Whethon dryand, boarship, fam,
If list carefyou mighcatch meging thifrain:
Shomto myty townvilge ham!

Exercise in Song Apheresis

How ee eh ay oo oh ome!
M wite ired nd ant oo oh oo ed.
Ad ittle ink out n ur r wo go, ou now,
Itch en ent ight oo y ed

Ith ersistent otion
Ver ores r ountries r cean
Ou ill ways ar ee inging is ong ith
Y oice ull artfelt motion.