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Exercise in Song Ode

Won't you show me where's
Won't you show me win
My way home from here
My way home from hin
'Cos I'm all pooped out
And I'm all pooped in
And in need of cheer
And in need: chin, chin!
And what cheer I drank
And what cheer I drin
Made me feel wobbly
So will you show me the way home because my home is where I want to be-e-e-e-e?

I've been over land
I've been over loam
And been over sea
And been over foam
But no matter where
But no matter whoam
I have chanced to be
I have chanced to roam
I'll be singing this
I'll be singing thoam
As I walk all around:

Exercise in Song Gastronomical

Find me a recipe, quick,
For warm soup and beds of fresh spring veg.
A marinade of alcohol has left me tart,
Like a crushed-up lemon wedge.

At Sangster's, Holbeck Ghyll
And The Crown: I ate my fill.
But the crumbs I've left aren't hard to digest:
Home cooking can't be beat, still.

Exercise in Song Precision

1.83 metres long:
That's me in a 7-by-5-foot bed.
I put .25 litres, 60 mins ago,
In my 7 and 3/8 head.

The places I have known
(Just 3 types, it can be shown)
Constitute 390 miles
Walked solely by me, alone.

Exercise in Song Mathematical

Consider an oikioid
At the origin; denote it "O".
A random walk can place you, given enough time,
Anywhere you'd want to go.

Of these points, pick just three;
Call them "A", and "B", and "C".
One can prove the plane containing all these
Can extend infinitely.

Exercise in Song Antiphrasis

Look at you there, at your work:
You're so wired you have to leave your seat.
You pop off to the loo and then straight away
Feel a tingling in your feet.

It matters that you're there
Breathing dry and flattened air,
So you'll never make a sound while you toil
Tirelessly, without a care.