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Exercise in Song On the Road

“Show me to write, man!” said Dean,
But: “let’s see America!” he meant.
We drove as far as San Francisco; Dean cleared out
Leaving us without a cent.

Camille and Marylou,
And Inez he married, too.
Though we’ll never ride together again,
Dean, I still think about you.

Exercise in Song Heart of Darkness

Take me upriver, to Kurtz:
I’ll find him, and help him, without fail.
We make our way past severed heads; then, look: it’s him!
On a stretcher, deathly pale.

I can’t leave him behind:
Though he’s found, he’s lost his mind;
If you stray beyond the ambit of sense,
Horror! is all you will find.

Exercise in Song Lord of the Rings

Show me the way to Mordor!
I’m tired as I’m carrying the ring.
I left the Fellowship with Sam a while ago,
And now Gollum’s following.

Meanwhile, there’s bloody war
In Helm’s Deep and Pelennor.
When the ship arrives for us, then I’ll know:
I’ll see the Shire nevermore.

Exercise in Song Ulysses

Stephen and Leopold wake,
Then set off round Dublin, both on foot.
All day they wander, meet, then wander off again,
Till the young man gets half-cut.

In Nighttown, in distress,
Stephen’s helped by Bloom, no less;
Still, they’re home in time for Molly to dream:
“yes I said yes I will Yes.”

To a mouse

11 Mar 2011

Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie,
O, how I wiss ye'd na been hasty!
Ye'd still be eatin pyles richt tasty
An' rinnin roun'.
I'd then be laith tae scaith thee, mousie,
Like some daft loun.

I'm truly sorry man's unfeelin'
Did nick thy life with wee, fley'd squeelin'.
It leaves my senses all a-creelin':
Wae's me! I say.
I hope it schools thy fellow yealings
Tae keep away!