We're back, with a new Pocketful of Lies

1 Nov 2007

Well, the site has been fairly quiet for some time, but there's been a lot going on behind the scenes. Following much beavering away at the electronic typewriter, we've come up with another Pocketful of Lies.

Last Christmas we released a free booklet consisting of some of the best stories from Quiet little Lies, called A Pocketful of Lies. It was delivered for no charge to whoever wanted it, and proved surprisingly popular. At least half a dozen of the subscribers were not grudgingly pitying friends of the authors, but instead were random members of the public. We think one of that half a dozen was actually trying an internet scam, but even that was enough to warm the cockles of our miserable hearts.

This year we hope to release the second compilation of mostly new material under the title Stones and Bones. More information closer to the time, but if you'd like a copy of APoL#2, then feel free to order your copy of Stones and Bones now. We hope to deliver paper copies to at least the first fifty UK subscribers.

(Note: if you received APoL #1, you will still need to resubmit your details. Or just drop us a quick note and we'll stick you on the list.)