Stones and Bones

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Publication date: 1st Jan 1970

Pages: 24


Stones and Bones is the second collection of free short stories available from QlL, both as a limited-edition print run and a freely downloadable PDF. This was released in late 2007, twelve months after the first Pocketful of Lies.

Second Pocketful of Lies announced

Following the success of the release of A Pocketful of Lies we bring you the second pocketful, Stones and Bones.

You can download a free copy of Stones and Bones in PDF format from this website. This follows a successful postal distribution of paper copies in time for Christmas 2007.

Stones and Bones, unlike APoL#1, consists almost entirely of new material.

What is Stones and Bones?

Stones and bones run deep and buried. Intuition calcifies, sinks and becomes dense rock, warmed by the sun or the blood. Stones and bones are the truth, wrapped in well-meaning, stupid nature that misinterprets and over- or understates.

They are primal urges, and they are the primal thwarting of urges. Where two desires clash and one nullifies the other, one is the urge and the other the thwart; one is from the bones through the heart, the other is from the stones through the head. Or both are bony, bent out of shape by the hidden, tripped-over stone.

The urge and the thwart can align themselves, which is living according to nature. Which is neither good nor evil; which is neither right nor wrong. Which is powerful, and dangerous.

The stone is money, the bone is sex. The stone is house; the bone is home. The stone is death; the bone is also death.

What stories will be in Stones and Bones?

Stones and Bones consists of predominantly new material. The final table of contents is:

  • Hidden depths*
  • They glow, against the skin
  • Mortar dream
  • Stones and bones
  • O great computer! (title tbc)
  • Sense of place
  • A chat with relatives*
  • The parable of the innkeeper