Orders accepted for the third Pocketful of Lies

23 Nov 2008

You can now order a free print copy of the third Pocketful of Lies using our order form. Anyone already on our mailing list from Stones and Bones should receive a copy automatically; if you're in that category, but would like to use that form to either say hello or update your address, then please do so anyway.

But what's it going to be about? you might well ask. Our first response would be: "shut your cakehole: it's free, for heaven's sake!" We'd continue more charitably with: "to be announced, o impatient souls: in the next few days!" Then, in a less bullish mood, we'd probably add: "and anyway, it's, er, quite complicated: read the QlL blog for more information."

Incidentally, on December 1st, web publication will begin of A Pocketful of Lies #3 in an advent calendar format, one story every day until Christmas. It might kick off then, so get your print orders in before everyone will want one.