Countdown to completion: 35%!

Those of you reading this on the QlL blog might be able to spot a new addition to the site just to the right. As of today, it indicates that 10x10x100 is now 35% complete! That's 5% more than I managed to accomplish during NaNoWriMo.

Displaying just how much of 10x10x100 is complete, in such a prominent place, will hopefully have the effects of both encouraging you to register your interest in the new publication and also shaming me into actually writing it.

As I've already mentioned, the hope is to have it finished early in the new year; while the story itself is ostensibly set in July, I think a late-winter/early-spring release would be more apt than a Christmas one. By which I mean, it's a bit bleak in places. Please don't let that put you off.