A Pocketful of Lies

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Publication date: 1st Jan 1970

Pages: 16


This is the first free publication issued by QlL, a brief tour through the best of six years of work. A limited edition print run of sixty copies was followed by the release of the freely downloadable PDF version on the web in late 2006.

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You can download the PDF of APoL for free. This electronic pamphlet has been lovingly assembled from a dozen complex, thoughtful tales that will vex and puzzle relatives or friends of any stripe!

Why not print off and share it with your friends? Well, we can think of a few reasons, but they depend a lot on what your friends are like. You might also need Adobe Acrobat reader to view it if you've not got that already installed on your computer.

Why? Well, QlL did offer to send you free stories

As an experiment in publishing, and to give something back to the people who have been following the stories on QlL for so long, we decided in November 2006 to produce a limited edition samizdat of short stories. This consisted of stories from the site, edited and spruced up, and peppered with little teasers of new content. It was available for free—we even paid the postage!—for a limited time prior to Christmas.

The booklet, A Pocketful of Lies was a small card-backed A5 affair, and we hope that it was as much of a pleasure to receive it as it was to make it.

So then we gave them away on the internet

We decided at an early stage that APoL was going to be free: free as in free to share with your friends, to copy, to distribute etc. Also, we were so heavily subscribed for the paper copy that it only seemed fair that non-UK residents (we're not made of money) could see at least a free electronic copy of the booklet. So in January 2007 APoL was released as a PDF on the old QlL site, and it's still available if you fancy a disturbing read.

If you have any problems downloading or viewing APoL, then contact us and we'll try to help."