Spineless Book Reviews on QlL

19 Apr 2009

The erstwhile contents of Spineless Reviews are now available on QlL: pushing 100 miscellaneous book reviews for your delectation.

Spineless Reviews was always intended as a platform for picking and analysing unusual and interesting items of literature: not just the newest releases, but also books you might find in your local library or secondhand shop; or exclusively online, in esoteric bookshops, on the graphic novel shelves; or even available completely for free as part of Project Gutenberg. They were even serialized for some time in the newsletters of local publishers Reverb, and were hopefully if nothing else an interesting read.

We hope to use QlL as a way to begin publishing such reviews again. In the mean time, if you're new to Spineless Reviews, there's a whole archive to plough your way through. Happy reading, about happy reading.