More QlL stories live

15 May 2007

As part of the ongoing rebirth of the QlL site, we've a number of extra stories and serials on the site. Some are brand new, while some are old favourites from the previous incarnation of QlL.

Our new serial is Numbers, a set of lightning-short stories with a numerological bent. Consume one in your lunch hour, or settle down for an evening reading all of them. When they all go live, that is: keep tuned to our RSS feeds for updates.

Along with new content, the experimental serial A little bit of espionage is now live, and there's stacks of extra stories up there in the archives.

We're also hoping to bring some of the new content into this year's publication, hot on the heels of A Pocketful of Lies. Plans are afoot, and we'll bring you more news once we're actually certain of what we're doing.

Thanks for continuing to read QlL.