For ze Frrensh

This is part of the complete Exercises in Song cycle being released on this site.

"For ze Frrensh" is a bonus exercise, not to be found in Raymond Queneau's original Exercices de Style nor in the translations.

To be sung to the tune of "Show Me The Way To Go Home". More information here.

Chaud-mi ze ouai tu gueue homme!
Âme tarre dandaille ou on ta gueue tabête.
Ayard dalitelle drine quaboutte anne ard agot
On dites ou hâine trai tu mayède.

Neau madère ou hair aïe rôme,
Eau verre lain d'or si or fôme,
Y-ou-il aulouaize ir mise cinguine zissongue:
Chaud-me ze ouai tu gueue homme!