This is part of the complete Exercises in Song cycle being released on this site.

"Paragoge" is a bonus exercise, not to be found in Raymond Queneau's original Exercices de Style nor in the translations.

To be sung to the tune of "Show Me The Way To Go Home". More information here.

howk meme theg wayn tou gore homed!
I’mv tiredz andm I’m wants tool goath tomb bedj.
I’ll hadk an littled drinkch aboutv and hoursh agoat
Andg it’st gonk righth toot mime headj.

Nofe matterk wherevr Igue roamb,
Overf landv orts seap orth foamb,
Yould willp alwayst hearl meet singingms thist songd:
Showk meme theg wayn tou gore homeb!