Opera English

This is part of the complete Exercises in Song cycle being released on this site.

"Opera English" is a bonus exercise, not to be found in Raymond Queneau's original Exercices de Style nor in the translations.

To be sung to the tune of "Show Me The Way To Go Home". More information here.

ACT I. The Wanderer, His Absent Home, His Drink, Land, Sea, Foam, Chorus of Listeners.

1. Opening Chorus of Listeners. "Sing to us, hero," etc.

Sing to us, hero, thy song!
Make thy ceaseless wand'ring into art!

2. The Wanderer, "So tired! So weary!" Recit.

So tired! So weary! And the thought of what I’ve lost—
Oh, it pierces my poor heart!
In truth I am distressed
In my head, my spleen, my breast.

ACT II. The Wanderer, His Absent Home, Chorus of Listeners.

3. Final Chorus of Listeners. "Let us sing for him," etc.

Let us sing for him, wherever he is:
Wanderer, may thou find rest.