See you next year

Having got to this late stage in 2009 without having a decent idea for this year's Pocketful of Lies (or indeed finishing the entire Exercises in Song cycle) I have to accept---and so do you, dear readers---there'll be no pocketful this year.

There's a number of reasons why it wasn't practical to put together a pocketful this year: some of them personal and obvious from this blog; some of them personal and far more mundane, like going through the process of buying a house for the first time; others professional involving workloads elsewhere. But the main reason is that the idea is all, and I simply haven't had one; I haven't had the energy to have one either.

I hope to reinvent writing here in the new year, but I can't promise anything. Thanks for anyone who's carried on idly dipping in during 2009 (and not finding a great deal) and I hope I can provide you with something more interesting in the new year.