Nearly but not quite

I had almost written and published all ninety-nine Exercises in Song by the end of 2010, as I promised earlier. But just before Christmas I ended up travelling abroad—not unexpected—during the startlingly severe snowpocalypse—very much unexpected. Immediately afterwards I came down with a terrible, lingering cold with ear infections; then as that started to clear up, my laptop had connectivity problems.

All of that bad luck means there are currently 97 exercises available on this site, not including the extras published as part of Exercises in Song 2008. The two remaining from the English translation of Queneau's work are Zoological and Feminine (a Barbara Wright invention, as far as I can tell from the French version of the text I've got.) The former should be straightforward enough, although the latter is causing me some difficulty owing to the slightly demeaning nature of the stereotype.

Anyway, this is just an update to say that I hope to have them both written and published within the week. And then, as far as Queneau's original 99 exercices are concerned, we're done. Next stop: well, watch this space.