The E-plan diet

I currently have as many Exercises in Song unpublished but on here, as I have yet to write. The idea is therefore that for each new exercice I write I will eventually publish two.

By this Christmas (2010) I hope to have all of the "core" exercises---those based on Queneau's original Exercices en Style---written and available on the web. No easy task given some of the horrors I have yet to write, but it will at least give me something to work towards.

Once those are done, I will start writing extra exercises, probably in the new year. Alongside the 99 Queneau originals, I hope to include: 9 based on other literary works (we already have, of course, exercises based on The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and A Christmas Carol); 3 retellings of the original Queneauvist story; and possibly 1. There's a pleasing if largely ornamental symmetry in those numbers that make them feel right.

Ultimately I'd like to be one of the top few Google hits for the more obscure rhetorical terms like metathesis, but I'll be glad to make availale all 99 Queneau variations, and over the moon if I finish the other 13.

If you enjoy word play, Greek rhetoric and silly songs, then you're more or less guaranteed a steady trickle from our dedicated RSS feed, so feel free to subcribe to it in your favourite RSS reader or via something like Facebook or LiveJournal.

Life is too short, and too precious, to keep anything creative which you might ultimately feel proud of in your mental, metaphorical or literal attic. Publish, and be blessed.